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    Hello all,
    I am using the RP3.0B2 offical image on a pi2, 64GB mSDXC. I have the memory split set to 256mb (have also tried at 512). I am using the most recent es simple theme with the smaller graphics.

    No gamnelist.xmls in the rom folders -or- .emulationstation directory

    With 22 rom folders in play I experience a white screen immediately following the emulation station loading screen. (I can interrupt it with f4, but you gotta be quick – too slow and es crashes)

    if I rename one of the directories to _old so ES excludes it, (Down to 21 emulators) then ES still freezes

    if I rename one additional folder (down to 20) ES loads fine.

    if I then rename one of the _old folders back to its proper name (Up to 21 again) ES works.)

    If I then rename the remaining _old folder back to its proper name ES Freezes.

    With –display-framerate on for ES, I can see for 20 emu’s around 140MB memory utilization, at 21 around ~144. Don’t see anything when it crashes, but can’t imagine that number changing significantly.

    Also doesn’t seem to matter which folders are renamed to old as renaming amiga (1 ‘rom’) seems to have the same effect as renaming snes to snes_old (~700 roms). So this clearly correlates to the number of emulators in play as opposed to the number of roms.

    I am putting this together as a gift for my cousins to each take home from a family reunion. For the most part they are non technical, so I need something that just works.

    @ 22 emulators, I still want to add Mame and FBA into the mix so which brings me to 24 emulators.

    I could consolidate some roms to the same folder (GB and GBC for instance and reconfigure the es_config to accept the new rom extensions) But I think the only other opportunity for this is GB/GBC and Megadrive/32x. Any others come to mind would be welcome. (I would prefer that gb and gbc color are separate, same with the 32x and genesis. However I might not have a choice)

    I could also rig up a shell script that renames directories and reboots es, then place that batch file in the retropie menu of ES. I haven’t written as this also seems kind clunky.

    Has anyone else run across this problem and come up with a good solution?

    Thanks B



    If you had 22 emulators with 1 rom in each, does it crash?
    If so, I guess the focus should be on the images its processing in the theme.

    I cant say I’ve had mine up and running with that many emulators yet.

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    Yes I believe it would still crash, I can rename c64 w/ 2000 d64’s or vectrex with its 20+ roms, so I really don’t believe it to be relative to the number of roms, but more in line with the number of emulators.



    I can’t chime in much help, only that i am seeing the same problem with 3 beta 4.

    If i only have a few of the rom folders populated it seems to work fine, but when i add more roms to other folders i get the white screen issue, I haven’t yet been able to narrow it down to how many, but i will try your 20 or so folders and see it that makes a difference, along with the renaming.

    I have struggled to find this issue with a solution anywhere yet, but will keep looking.



    I have the same Problem on my Pi1 with 2.6.
    My first thought was that my sd card is broken, but now i think it’s a Bug in Emulationstation.
    Moreover i have the White-Screen-Bug on some Images of the Games.

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