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    Hi Guys,

    RPI2 + Retropie 2.6

    I was using simple theme 1.3 which came with 2.6 img, Tried adding atarilynx theme to simple directory but froze after reboot.

    replaced entire simple them with 1.4 version which came with atarilynx, so fixed that kodi theme seems to be making it freeze.

    did locks up while scrolling.
    and now as soon as ES starts. SSH reboot works, nothing else. if i remove kodi theme it works again.

    I also changed psx,32x art blurs (same size/name)
    I made n64mupen and fbalibretro themes (left the originals as they well)

    One solution for now is to run kodi from ports and remove its own theme for now.

    Any help is appreciated.




    how many emulators do you have showing?
    are you over clocked?



    26 Emulators showing currently on ES and just the Pi2 preset.

    I’ve gone through it all again, so far i have atarilynx + kodi + psx/32x art changed and still working.. will try clone fba and n64 again. (different art for lib/mupen etc)

    Seems to all be working and stable for now (5mins).. It would be useful to know what causes it to bug out like that.. as there more I’d like to change.

    reboot it and bam locked up again just like the 2nd picture



    Found this on es github :

    suggests removing a few systems and adjusting vram.

    I’ve removed a few so far down to 23 with kodi + atari lynx added.

    So far so good, hope this helps anyone else that comes across this in the future!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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