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    Hello all,

    Is anyone else having a problem with box art not showing correctly after running ES Scraper?

    I am so close to having a completely functioning RetroPie setup, but this issue is baffling me. I know that I have successfully run ES Scraper in the past and had box art and descriptions show correctly.

    A little background…

    Running 1.9.1 image of RetroPie
    Model A 256MB Pi
    128MB memory split
    900 Mhz overclock
    USB hub with keyboard, joypad, and Wi-Fi adapter

    After running ES Scraper, I can go into the file system on the Pi and see the downloaded box art. However, I just get a white space on the left side of the screen. I’ve noticed navigation lags when you go through the list of games that have the messed up box art. Another thing that’s weird is that some games will show box art correctly. Others’ box art is huge.

    I have also tried installing 1.7 image, but the box art does not show correctly after scraping on it, either. It’s like scraping is messing with the code that displays the list of games. I know that a gamelist.xml file is created when scraping. Maybe that’s the issue?

    Any ideas?




    It might help to resize the images while scrapping. Some of them are pretty big and will slow the scrapping down. I has having lag but when I resized them all it really helped speed things up.

    Here is how:

    python -w 400

    You can set the 400 to whatever size you want though. It is the maximum width.



    Well, I went all the way back to 1.6 image, and I think the problem is starting to make sense. With the old version, the scraper shows you every step of the process. And every game says “Image resize error” after downloading the box art. Is this due to a permission problem?

    Why would I have that problem on image 1.6, 1.7, and 1.9.1?

    I have changed the maximum image size in, but it still has the problem.

    @brooksyx, I tried running that line from the command line, but it says that there is no such file.

    I know that I have had the scraper successfully resize box art in the past, so I’m not sure what has changed.




    @brooksyx, I tried running that line from the command line, but it says that there is no such file.

    Well you have to run it in the correct directory.

    So I imagine is located in /home/pi/ES_Scraper/
    so navigate to the directory first.

    cd es_scraper (use the correct name and capitalization)
    python -w 400

    and if you are in the correct directory and it gives you the error python can be weird and you have to point it at the whole directory.

    python /home/pi/ES_Scrapper/ -w 400



    It looks like this has been dealt with in another thread. Oh, the joys of message boards. The solution was to change PIL to Image in the python script. I’m not sure if this is something that plagues everyone, but here is the fix…

    Performance Issues with es-scraper

    After you make that change, the regular scraper works fine. I am, however, looking forward to a scraper built into Emulation Station!

    Keep up the fine work, everyone.

    Thanks, @brooksyx for your help!



    Please someone help! I’ve got everything the way I want it up until I ran the es_scraper…it doesn’t get boxart for nes, snes, sega genesis, or psx. I fixed the resize problem by changing PIL to Image in, but I just don’t understand why my fav emulators don’t have boxart. I’ve searched these forums top to bottom and I’m not sure what to do.



    Hi! The ES_Scrapper is having some issues, I don’t know why or if it will be solved soon, but you can use it manually. Try this:

    cd RetroPie
    cd supplementary
    cd ES-scraper
    sudo python -w 275 -fix -m -p

    This is a manual scrapping with resizing to 275 (change it if you want) and with partial mode, this means that script will ask you which game directory do you want to scrap (SNES, NES, etc…)



    Thanks! I’m using it manually now…I’ll let you know how it works when I get done, oh, say in about 14 years! Fml.



    Ok well I finished manually scraping all my games for nes, then I opened gamelist.xml to edit a few games it screwed up on…after I saved it and rebooted, none of the damn boxart is showing up at all! I checked gamelist.xml to see if it lost any info, but it’s all there. What the hell happened?! Any suggestions?



    Nevermind I figured it out….something was accidentally deleted




    I have one problem with 2.3 version.
    I scrapped NES, SNES,GBC, GBA, Genesis, Master system, etc.. over 4000 tittles. First SNES and Genesis works fine, but when I began to scan the other games the pi was blocked. I reboot it, and now The images of games are Whites, and works slow.

    Any sollution?

    Sorry for my english :S

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