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    Hey RetroPie’rs,

    I am facing an issue where I’ve recently updated to 3.2 and I cannot get past the ES Controller Config Welcome screen. I’ll state my setup and known issues.

    RPi2/Rasbian Wheezy/RetroPie 3.2 with a setup where the system boots up on SD card but then transfers to a hard-drive and runs off of that. Last working ES system was before update and it was 3.0 – fully working.

    The system starts up and auto loads ES, where the program detects controllers, but when i press and hold a button the name of the controller does not show up, nor does it start the configuration GUI. I am forced to hard reset.

    I’ve updated the setup script, i’ve rerun the binary installation, I’ve manually setup the retroarch cfg files through the setup for both the keyboard and controllers. I’ve gone into ./emulationstation and looked into the es_input.cfg file, which looks quite empty due to not being able to follow the prompts. I’ve replaced it with my .bak file that I used on 3.0, and it immediately overwrote it once i reset with the same half-empty file.

    The keyboards/controllers worked perfectly in 3.0, and they also work flawlessly when not in ES. I can get the name of the controller or keyboard to show up if I hit F4 on boot to stop ES from loading, and then entering ES. The name will show up at the bottom, but holding any key/button will not prompt the configuration GUI.

    I assumed it would be a cmdline.txt issue upon startup where ES is loading before the config file, but that should be fixed by re-entering ES after boot, which does not solve the problem.

    If you have an idea, feel free to let me know. This problem needs a fresh pair of eyes.

    Appreciate any help,




    For anyone suffering from this issue in the future, delete es_input.cfg AND es_systems.cfg and reboot. It will then accept the USB controllers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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