Error Saving Resized Image. Out Of Memory? Disk Full?

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    I get this error message any time I try to scrape using the built in scraper. I know the sselph scraper is better but I have some systems done already and I am just trying to add a game or 2. I have plenty of space left on my card. What is causing this error and how can I correct it? Thanks for the help.



    rdhanded2 read this you need expand file system



    I have expanded the file system. That is the fist thing I do after a new image and I have several gig of space available.



    If you connect one or more usb stick with roms ((unmounted)) the system automatically make a backup of the rute and roms you have in flash drive to access more quickly and this files have your disk space (if you unplug the usb stick you see the same roms tittles on emulators for this files reason)
    1-If you connect the raspberry with wifi use WINSCP to access to the files and dellete the files in the rom folder of internal raspberry memory ((remenber this files are only shortcut you can dellete then for free space on disk))
    2-If you dont have wifi install new image of retropie (and remenber if you connect usb stick unmounted the system make a shortcut backup

    Sorry for bad english but I try! 😉



    I do not use any external usb for roms, all roms are on the sd card which still has plenty of memory.



    After you get the error – please post the output of

    df -h

    (from a terminal – via ssh for example)
    Please post them to a site like or similar. Thanks.



    Will do. Thanks



    I am sory, I am not sure what format you want the info in.

    pi@retropie ~ $ df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    rootfs 29G 19G 8.9G 68% /
    /dev/root 29G 19G 8.9G 68% /
    devtmpfs 365M 0 365M 0% /dev
    tmpfs 74M 424K 74M 1% /run
    tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
    tmpfs 148M 0 148M 0% /run/shm
    /dev/mmcblk0p1 57M 19M 39M 33% /boot
    pi@retropie ~ $ free
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 754336 140472 613864 0 18744 55788
    -/+ buffers/cache: 65940 688396
    Swap: 102396 0 102396
    pi@retropie ~ $ dmesg



    you didn’t include the output from dmesg.

    I can see that you do have free space though – maybe ES is choking on a faulty image or data or something.

    there should be a log in /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_log.txt or so which might have more details.

    you are much better off using sselph’s scraper though of course.



    I do use it, it just does not work on virtual boy and a couple others. Or at least it has not for me.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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