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    Hi! I am kinda new to the whole retropie emulation. I received my raspberry pi about a week ago and I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to set it up correctly. I am mainly interested in capcom/neogeo fighting games and a couple of other mame games. So far I’ve encountered plenty of problems however I always managed to find a solution, the whole community is great, I can find answers with few efforts, plus I’ve been watching Floob’s videos and he does a great job explaining how to set it up correctly.

    However I am trying to emulate street fighter the movie and a couple other games like asura blade and asura buster. mame4all and advance mame don’t do a great job, so I tried installing mame2010 from the experimental menu. I go through the cloning part of the script, however I get an error message that says that the system didn’t find and counldnt complete the script. What am I doing wrong? I have no idea how to compile from binary/source, what I know about shell commands I learned in the past weeks.
    Any help would be appreciated, I am guessing it’s an easy fix and I am just missing one or two basic steps.



    Did you update your setup script first?



    That was the problem! Thanks.
    I think the installation was successful, now I just gotta find where it put the emulator and how i can launch it.
    Thanks again!



    How long does it take to compile? Mine seems to be stuck in an infinite loop. I keep seeing the same messages scroll across the screen. I updated the install script from the main menu.



    For me it took a while, I thought the same thing, that it was stuck in an infinite loop, but eventually it stopped and it was fully installed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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