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    I am looking into making an arcade cabinet and I want to have some games I bought from steam on it as well. The games I want to use are retro style and take up even less ram and processing power than SNES games (I currently want to play probability 0 and VVVVVV, maybe some more eventually).

    What emulator should I use to run them? I know I can run them through wine, I tried it on my Ubuntu computer.

    Is DOSbox the right emulator for this or should I make my own with wine?

    I have quite a bit of programming knowledge (mostly java) and I am used to using Linux operating systems, so I don’t mind doing more complicated tasks to get this working. Thanks!



    Steam games can be streamed through limelight to the pi. Lookup limelight in the forum.



    But I don’t want to play them through steam. I have standalone, portable version of those games (I got them in HumbleBundle and they gave me downloads since they are drm free).

    Anybody know how to run those types of games on retropie?



    I wouldn’t count on it as most won’t be ported for Linux plus the ones that are will require more processing than is readily available on the pi. It really just depends on the game.



    Well the games I mentioned both should run on the pi. I tried out performance tests on them and they both take less than 200mb of ram and I am using the raspberry pi b which has double. Plus the processor should handle it fairly well since they use the same amount of processing as snes games.

    P.S. VVVVVV has a linux version so I could probably play it without dosbox, is there a linux game emulator or something? Is there a linux command line executor in retropie?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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