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    Why does emulationstation run fine when connected to a display with composite video out, but fail when connected to a display with HDMI?

    I seem to have issues with running emulationstation with HDMI occasionally. Maybe the size of the T.V makes a difference? Although the T.V. that worked with HDMI was bigger than the T.V. that didn’t work. XBMC runs fine with both T.V.s thru HDMI. EmulationStation is the only thing that seems inconsistent.




    Are you powering the PI with USB from the TV? If yes, force HDMI output. When the TV powers the PI, and the HDMI from TV its not ready, PI starts without it.



    I had a similar problem. If I turned the pi on with the TV not turned on then it wouldn’t connect and display anything. I had to go to the config file and set the hdmi as a hotplug. Type ‘sudo nano /boot/config.txt’ then find the hotplug entry and remove the # in front of it. Now if you boot up the pi without the TV on it will still recognise it when you switch to that relevant HDMI socket.

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    Thank you Motorhead and Kitchuk for your help and input. Maybe changing the hdmi to hot plug will fix it. I’ll try it out.
    @motorhead – I’m powering the pi using a 770mA 5v phone usb phone charger so not using the T.V. USB ports to power it. I tend to power on my T.V. before plugging in the pi. Both the terminal and xbian xbmc appear fine on all T.V.s but the EmulationStation in particular fails to start with certain T.V.s occasionally.



    770mA are definitely too low. I would suggest to buy a charger with at least 1000mA, or even more, e.g. http://www.amazon.de/Belkin-Netzadapter-Navigationsgeräte-Smartphones-weitere/dp/B009T66PAA/ref=dp_ob_image_ce.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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