Emulation station freezes after exiting games

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    Whenever I exit a game emulation station will load back up. If I press up or down on my controller, within the first couple of seconds, the highlighted game selection will change but then everything freezes and I cannot do anything with my controller. The screen normally dims slightly at this point but the image on the screen remains the same.

    The first few times it happened I was able to connect via putty and force a reboot.

    I looked in the tmp folder for the log file but it said it was zero bytes and I couldn’t open it (I don’t really know what I’m doing).

    The most recent time this happened I wasn’t able to exit emulation station with f4 and I wasn’t able to connect with putty.

    This happens with various emulators.

    I am running retropie 3.0.

    I have had a look around the forums but haven’t been able to find this specific issue. I must also say that I am quite a novice so I could be missing something simple.

    Any help is appreciated (preferably not start over 😉 )



    How many systems/ ROMs are you running and which theme are you using? Its likely you just have too many things running. Either increase your GPU memory split or reduce the amount of roms/systems.



    Hi thanks for the reply.

    I do currently have a lot of ROMs so I suspect that that could be the issue.

    Although emulation station never freezes until I’m exiting a game.

    I will deleted a big chunk of ROMs and see if this helps.

    I am just running the default theme.

    Please can you advise what the optimal memory split is? Or the pros and cons of altering this?

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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