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    I do not really understand RetroPie –
    config-files are spread over ~3 different locations, bios-files are not consequent in one folder……and where is the general focus on? Libretro-cores? Standalone-cores?

    However, as a little suggestion for a much easier install-process for newbies:
    Wouldn’t it be possible to create something like a chart or some kind of sorting to the list of cores when installing them manually? Something like

    [*] Emulationstation (neccessary GUI)

    [ ] RetroArch addon (Libretro-core)

    Emulators for RetroArch (Libretro):
    [ ] (Libretro) Atari
    [ ] (Libretro) …
    [ ] (Libretro) …

    Emulators standalone:
    [ ] …
    [ ] …
    [ ] …
    Furthermore it would be great to mark more than one when installing them manually.




    there are upcoming improvements to the way everything is managed, but the wiki contains plenty of documention on how to install. New / inexperienced users should not be selectively installing stuff manually, but using the image.



    Of course I´ve read some (this?) manuals, few months ago…but even if there is a good description online, it for sure does not replace a intuitive programdesign itself 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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