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    Hi everyone.

    I use a Dual PSX Adaptor. the exact device definition is the following:

    009: ID 0810:0001 Personal Communication Systems, Inc. Dual PSX Adaptor
    (check that by using $ lsusb)
    Dual PSX Adaptor

    I use jstest /dev/js0 and jstest /dev/js1 to test them but they behave very strange. If i press the Analog Button on one controller the little red LED lights up. For some reason i can’t have them both activated but only one at a time. now the buttons work even if the red LED isn’t shining, but the axes can only have the maximum/minimum values 3740 and -3740 and nothing in between. If one of the controller’s red LED shines though the axes can be precise and can have values between.

    Did someone get 2 controllers to work with such a dual psx adaptor? maybie the reason is because i have 1x PS1-CTRL and 1x PS2-CTRL each ..

    @mike you recommended using them, do they work for you?



    You could try this thread for reference:

    Playstation Dual usb



    hi there,

    I have the exact same usb adapter, trying to get an original PS1 pad to work. The adpater is powered (tiny red led so seems like its operating ok) but cannot get the pad to register any input.

    I have tried the automated pad register within the new retropie 3.0 menu and nothing hits. I can see that the Pi acknowledges that a ‘twin usb joystick’ is connected however??



    OK I got it working. Reboot got it working in ES, then I found someone with the same issue and the solution was to manually edit the TwinUSBJoystic.cfg file with the same button assignment as a PS3 controller (minus the bottons a ps1 pad doesn’t have)



    @bobchiba good to hear!
    did you get both the controllers to work at the same time? i cannot have both the red lights at the same time 🙁
    can you share this config you are talking about?

    manually edit the TwinUSBJoystic.cfg file with the same button assignment as a PS3 controller

    i’d love to have a look at it since i have only one controller working maybe it’s the config .. or maybe i should update to 3.0 as well 😀



    actually im not sure my previous cfg file modification did anything. I was originally using what i thought was port one on the usb adapter ps2 input and i switched to the other port and I think this is what got me results. I then have to presume I have the same issue as you with only one pad working. I don’t actually have a second to test them both at the same time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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