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    I started a game in the x86 emulator and it booted. I noticed that it was rather slow on the boot. When it finally got to the start screen I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t move the cursor and couldn’t select any of the options in the start screen. Also the credits that scroll in the start screen were moving at a really slow pace, like almost not moving. The game I was playing was Masters of Orion 2 and I didn’t try any other games yet but I am pretty sure it’s not the rom that’s the problem considering every comment about it was positive. Of course the game probably might be a little too demanding power wise but I would not like to believe it is not just because I really want to play it. I just need to know if anyone else is having the same problems and if there is a way to fix it.



    Aparently dos emulators (dosbox rpix86) at the moment can only emulate a 386/486 pc at 20 Mhz… so yeah really slow. Maybe in the future…



    I tried to install DOSBox from the sources, with no success so far. It doesn’t come up in ES_systems, and hence neither on ES.

    Also, regarding performance, I have read around of something called FastDOSBox that might be an improvement for our RetroPie. Can anyone comment on this?

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    I believe rpix86 has the best performance as it’s optimised for the Pi. You would need to manually add dosbox command/paths to es_systems to use it in Emulation Station

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    check my spreadsheet i have started list of dos games that work good and u dont have to over clock to turbo like it did most work with lower settings
    also if you login you can edit this spreadsheet to if you can plz help me with dos!

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