Doom and DOS?

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    Hi all,

    I’ve almost got my Pi exactly the way I want. I’m working on a newbie guide which is almost finished. Just two more things before my ultimate retro gaming device is complete – Doom and DOS games.

    My questions:

      How do I get Doom games to run and appear in the list in Emulationstation? Adding the WAD files to the DOOM roms directory does not work.
      How do I get DOS games to run and appear in the list in Emulationstation? Adding the files/folders to the DOS roms directory doesn’t work. I also can’t navigate to the directories via the DOS console. I figure this requires a config file of some sort.



    Any and all help much appreciated as always, everybody.



    small bump. I’ve studied the hell out of the Doom issue in particular but nobody seems to be having the same problem. Do you have to Scrape the ROM directories to have Emulationstation find the WADs?



    Same Issue here with the DOS.



    Regarding Doom:
    The problem is that the Doom 1 Sharefile file is hard coded into the start script currently. You can see this, e.g., at That would also be the location for modifications.



    With you so far. Where do I find this file in the live distro?



    Got it!


    Trying simple edits to the Doom 1 file.




    Here are the steps:

    Copy /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/Doom1
    Rename the copied file – eg “Doom
    Edit the file. The very last line references the WAD file to use.

    In the Pi’s console, navigate to the directory:
    CD /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/
    Then, make the new file executable, eg:
    chmod a+x ‘Doom’

    The game then appears in Emulationstation and can be started ^^



    So that’s half of my question answered. Thanks PetRockBlog.

    Can you provide some hints re. dosbox? I assume the process is similar (scripting a launcher).






    I got the dos games working by putting them instead in the rpix86 folder so that you could navigate to and execute them /opt/retropie/emulators/rpix86 is the default location in RetroPie v2. Sadly jazz jackrabbit doesn’t work with the emulator as far as I’m aware, but I did try Hocus Pocus and putting it in that directory, navigating into the folder and executing the .exe was all it took.

    Looking at the es_system.cfg file, the dos extension appears to be .txt files, so that’s what would appear in the list of “games” in the menu. If you want to try and get the games working straight from the menu, I’d try creating a txt file with the path to the .exe and see if it runs the game kind of like a script (I have no idea how rpix86 treats txt files so this is just a guess). Another thing you could try is leaving the game folder in the roms folder, and changing the extension to .exe in es_systems.cfg. Haven’t mucked about with rpix86 to know whether either of those things work, but it’s where I’d start.



    Hi Bruized,

    Yep, that worked for Lemmings. Getting odd errors after I added another folder with game files though. Can’t open the folder in DOS.

    So far using .txt files has failed – any text file opens the DOS terminal but doesn’t accept any keyboard inputs 😮 Might have another play tomorrow.

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