Doesn't start DSK files in MSX

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    After solving the MSX2 problem, I found that it won’t start DSK files…
    When I try to load a DSK file, it ends up in MSXDOS.
    Can’t type anything in MSXDOS because the keyboard doesn’t seen to work when it’s in that state.

    ROM’s work fine, and even some DSK to ROM conversion are working, but normal DSK files that work a Windows emulator won’t start.

    Anyone have the same problem (and a fix) ?

    Many thanks!



    Are you using bluemsx or fmsx? If you’re using retropie 3.0 rc1 you can press a button as your ROM loads and switch between the two emulators as some games work better with some and not others. I haven’t really tested disk images with msx though.

    Also you can press select+x to open up into the rgui and change the input configs from retropad to retrokeyboard so that it registers your keystrokes I believe.



    Yes, I’m using 3.0 RC1.

    Only use fMSX because I couldn’t get BlueMSX to work (yet).
    I only have a keyboard attached and a few buttons directly attached to the GPIO, so I would guess that the keyboard should always work right ?

    But that doesn’t explain why the DSK files are not working.

    I will try again to get BlueMSX installed, maybe that works for the DSK files



    There were a few errors in my code that I think have been fixed now. Just update your setup script and try and install it again. I’ll see if I can test it as well once I find some time



    I’m running into the DSK problem too. Would love to figure out a way to make these functional.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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