Does Emulationstation support Sega Saturn?

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    Just bought a rPI 2.0 and i got everything worked N64, PSX and stuff below that.

    Is Sega Saturn supported? Or is there a list of all consoles that are supported?



    Sega Saturn is not supported by the hardware of a pi 2. To see the list of all consoles supported and their equivalent emulators see here:

    I just redid that whole list this last weekend so it is updated (minus the sega sg-1000 but that is technically covered by the same emulator that covers the sega genesis.)

    Each console page details file types needed, bios if applicable, and emulator specific controls if applicable. I created The sidebar on the right for easy access to each system as a reference. Hopefully it is useful to you as you get things set up.




    What my dear friend oldchocobo meant to say was:

    Emulationstation is the front end of all of your emulators and as such can “support” displaying any system that is placed in the es_systems.cfg file.

    Their site gives a pretty good explanation of how the es_systems.cfg file works:

    Emulationstation in it’s simplest form is a skin for your emulators. Lots of people use it on their PCs as well and as their PC’s have more powerful hardware they’ll have more systems such as the PS2 and Wii.

    But the Raspberry Pi’s hardware isn’t as powerful as a PC so there are fewer emulators supported on the Pi- as a result you’ll have less systems configured in emulationstation.

    Because of how seamlessly the RetroPie project and Emulationstation work together it can be easy to see the two as interchangeable.



    Not sure what i said but i ment that Sega Saturn is SEGA’s answer to Playstation 1 while Dreamcast is Playstation 2.. So i thought Saturn maybe was supported 🙂

    Thanks for the list

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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