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    It feels very odd navigating the menus in ES without any sound at all. But since the default theme lacks any sounds I have no way to reverse engineer sound into my theme and google has shown me nothing. So I figured I’d ask you fine folks if anyone knows of a working theme that has sound or how to use sound at all.



    I don’t believe ES was programmed to have sound, probably to keep it light weight.

    Sorry, Ignore my noob-ness. Now that I know it should work, I’m trying to figure it out too 🙂



    The only one I’ve messed with is the scrollSound, on the gamelist.

    Like So:

    <textlist name="gamelist">

    That sound will play whenever you scroll through the list of games.

    You probably already knew about this one, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case. 🙂



    thanks for this!
    i think thats the only sound so far right?

    does anyone have a sound file that I could use?



    I’ll hafta find something “nes”-like that sounds good scrolling. thanks for the heads up. I wonder why they got rid of the plethora of sound options that were apparently in V1.



    No problem!

    This web-based tool is glorious for generating old-school sounding effects:

    You can do a ton with it, and it’s really easy to use.

    Simple steps for creating a “select” sound:
    1) Hit Blip/Select until you heard something you kind of like.
    2) Play with the manual settings until it’s just right.
    3) Hit export to .wav and save your new sound.

    The four big buttons at the top of the manual settings will have a big effect on your sound, and the Mutate button is great for finding inspiration too.

    You can also save/load sounds in a non-wav format. Once I find a sound I like, I usually save it like this just in case I need to tweak it later, since you can’t edit the exported wav with this tool.



    I just realized I could attach a file to the post. Here’s a bunch of sounds I threw together with that tool. I included the save files if you want to load them up and edit them. Feel free to use and/or share them if you like. 🙂



    Thanx for the heads up that’s pretty cool. The main issue and it’s an issue I’ve been running into with the whole theme and even had to compromise on a few times is designing theme elements that sound/look Nintendo without representing a specific franchise. unfortunately my rating scale is 5 goombas. I’d much rather if i could do something like a percentage bar then I could have in Nintendo logo font the word Awesome surrounded by the Nintendo oval then transition it in 10 segments (half stars) from dark grey(empty) to Nintendo red(full)



    Hmm yeah that would be cool. I can’t think of a way to make it happen though, the way the rating is set up now. Hopefully, Aloshi will get around to adding more themes functionality eventually.



    I am extremely new to all of this, and I’m just trying to figure out where to put the code lines for this? I tried putting them in the gamelist.xml file but it isnt working. Any help would be wonderful.



    Hey folks,

    a quick update from the ES devs. We will include the ability to define sounds for various events in the ES UI. For instance opening the main menu, entering a system or launching a game. No ETA, but it will come 🙂



    I noticed these events are added to the current Simple theme, but it seems to be spotty as to what wav files will work. I had the scroll sound working fine, then flipped it for a different file and assigned wavs to all events. None worked but had glitchy sounds for the scrolling, so I converted the wavs I was adding to 44100 stereo wavs, which made the scroll and launch events work, but no other events.

    Because they worked and none of the other events worked, I figured I might have bad wavs even though I had converted them. I assigned the working wavs to all events and still none work except for the gamelist scrolling and launching.

    Is this element still a work in progress, or am I missing something?

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