Difficulty with USB snes controller and PS3 controller

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    So firstly, I have a generic USB snes controller from amazon, managed to configure it fine in the emulationstation menu, but when I go into a gba game the buttons are different, all messed up, ‘start’ for example is instead button ‘y’ and so on! Anyone have any ideas on how to sort this out?

    Secondly, and less importantly if I get the snes controller working, is my PS3 controller! I managed to get the drivers and everything from the setup menu, and it works fine in emulationstation again, as with the snes controller, but as soon as I go into a gba game, its completely unrecognised, no buttons work, so I just have to hit ‘esc’ on my keyboard! Anyone sorted this issue before? (using it entirely wired too, I tried using it with my bluetooth adapter and gave up, thats a task for another year).



    Worth mentioning I’ve tried the controllers on snes games;

    snes controller worked fine, no ‘buttons mixed up’ issue at all from what I can tell, so problem could be limited to gba roms?

    PS3 controller still doesn’t work at all in snes games, fine in emulationstation after I exited



    I was dissapointed to see you have no replies because I have the exact same problem? I’m using an N64 USB controller which works fine on most emulators like SNES, but all the buttons are mixed up on GBA?? It makes little sense to me – there’s nothing that would screw anything up in the gba retroarch.cfg so I have no idea?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.



    Our old gba emulator is no libretrocore. Press F10 if you start a gba game and setup your controller there.

    There is also a wiki page explaining everything:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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