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    Billy T. Pilgrim

    I’ve got a very weird problem with a theme I’m trying to build. It’s a fairly simple, clean theme which I’ll put up here once it’s done.

    Basically, I’m wanting to add a background to the main console selection screen for each console, just like is already present in the Simple theme with e.g. snes_art.jpg and so on. But every time I do, EmulationStation freezes on loading. With the same background for all consoles (a small pure white jpg), it works fine, and the Simple theme works fine with the exact same setup.

    The first thing that springs to mind is that it’s running out of GPU memory, but here’s the kicker: the new images I’m wanting to use are considerably smaller, filesize-wise, than the ones in Simple. In fact the whole theme is quite a bit smaller.

    So I’m at a bit of a loss. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the trouble?

    Extra info: There are ~18 systems showing in EmulationStation, this might change by one or two but it’s generally pretty consistent. There are 1200 games total, all with full descriptions and such in their gamelist.xml files. All of them have a cover of either 651×488, 488×651 or 563×563, and all covers are ,jpg files. The system icons are mostly the stock ones from Simple (although the problem still occurs with entirely stock icons) and the detail views for the systems use one of three background images (for either portrait, landscape or square covers).

    Hope someone can shed light on this, because it’s really baking my noodle!



    what memory split have you set?


    Billy T. Pilgrim

    It’s been doing it on 64, 128, and 256. It’s on 128 at the moment.


    Billy T. Pilgrim

    Oh, and I’ve just tried it with the original background files from the Simple theme, to check it wasn’t something in the actual files themselves – no dice.



    Make sure you have svg’s specified for the filledPath and unfilledPath of the md_rating.

    If I remember correctly ES will lockup without it.


    Billy T. Pilgrim

    That’s it! Thanks very much. Who’d ha thunk it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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