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    Hi all,

    i soldered my new controlblock and i think i did ist wuite well, checked all solderingpoints.

    I Installed it to the PI and also installed a switch and LED as well as two snes controllers (wired as shown in the manual)…

    Then i updates the OS (retropi 2.6 as well as 3.0rc1) and cloned the ControlBlock git.

    After building/installing, the pi automaticlly shuts down and if i boot up the pi it shuts down as soon as the controlblock drivers are loaded…

    Any ideas what is wrong here?



    It sounds as if the switch always sends an “OFF” signal.



    I just installed drivers,set service and then rebooted with ControlBlock installed. It immediately shuts the pi down upon booting up. I see the RetroPie splash screen and then it says it is halting the system.

    How do I resolve this? I do not have a power switch on the controlblock.

    Is it a software config that I need to change? I believe the power switch function is set to yes originally, should I change it to false and this will resolve the issue?

    I’ve been trying for 8 months to get this RetroPie arcade going. The controllers are my only issue.

    Please help!!!




    Yes, it had to do with the ‘power switch’ bring in the ‘on’ position in configuration. Simply edit and switch to off or false. That did the trick to me.

    Now I am trying to get player two joystick and buttons to work (arcade joysticks and buttons).

    Wondering if I need to edit retroarch config?



    You can do a basic test of those controls by using the command
    jstest /dev/input/js1
    When you have verified that, you can go on and configure the specific emulator(s).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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