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    Hi there

    Only recently I bought a ControlBlock and was finally able to use the Raspberry Pi as I wanted to, but now that my Pi2 has arrived it acts up weird in the EmulationStation Menu.

    Is this a know issue? Is there a simple fix?
    I am using the latest SD Image and installed the ControlBlockService as before.

    Many Thanks



    The ControlBlock is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2. I have tested that myself.

    Can you explain your configuration and setup in more detail so that I can get an idea about the problem?

    What have you attached to the ControlBlock?
    How does your configuration look like?
    Which SD-Card image are you using?



    Thanks for your quick reply. I am really frustrated, as this is the second Controller board I have bought for the Pi build and things are going from bad to worse.
    The Controller is working as expected on the B+, but not in the Pie2

    I am using the Pie2 image 2.6
    I can’t create a config file as when I start the Pie and boot into Emulation station “random” buttons are pressed.

    If there is an output I can do from the Command prompt then that would be really appreciated.




    Just that I understand correctly: The ControlBlock is working correctly on your Raspberry Pi 1. If you attach the ControlBlock on your Raspberry Pi 2 and use the same SD card image for the RPi 2 that you used for the RPi 1, you observe the random button presses?

    In that case you would need to recompile the ControlBlockService for the Raspberry Pi 2 (as described at Due to differences in the RPi hardware the original version of the ControlBlock driver does not work on the Raspberry Pi 2, hence the need for recompiling.



    Sorry, I didn’t say that in my Raspberry Pie B+ I am using the RetroPie 2.3 Image
    and in the Raspberry Pie 2 I am using the 2.6 image which is specific for the Pie2.

    I compiled the ControlBlockservice on both exactly the same way.

    Tonight, I’ll try and put the Paspberry Pie 1 SD card into the Pie2 and ensure that there is nothing wrong with the Pie.



    Did you make any progress?



    Sorry, I’ve been in France for the week and am swamped with a ton of work.
    I might go down a different route and hack up two USB gamepads, to allow my cabinet to be modular.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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