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    I have the ControlBlock setup and wired.

    2x 8Way Joysticks and 18 buttons wired (9 for each player), Sticks, buttons and microswitches come from X-Arcade

    All the buttons work fine. I can play games like Sonic, Mario, etc..

    When I try playing games like Street Fighter, it seems like the system doesn’t recognize rapid button presses.

    Example 1: If you choose a player like EHodna or Blanka and rapidly press a punch button, they should do a special move, instead is like I’m just tapping the button.

    Example 2: If I choose a player like Ryu/Ken and try to do a special move that involves dragging the controller quickly across multiple directions, it almost never works. It’s like I am just hitting each direction individually.

    Is this a delay issue or limitation with the ControlBlock? Is there a setting anywhere to correct it? Or is it an issue with my Joystick/Buttons/Micro-switches?




    This might be a timing issue with the ControlBlock driver.

    Maybe the delay at

    Should be set to a (much?) smaller value!? You can modify that value and re-run the compilation and installation of the driver.



    Can you elaborate on how I would update/recompile?



    I have decreased the delay now and updated the master branch ( You can Re-install the ControlBlock driver just as described. I have set the delay from 75 ms to 50 ms – this comes with a slightly higher CPU load, but also increases the sampling rate for polling the controller states.

    Is it working better for you now?



    Sorry, work keeps me for spending as much time on this as I want.

    It does seem to respond much better now after uninstalling and reinstalling with the update.

    Much thanks for the assistance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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