Continuous monitoring of temperature via SSH

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    I wanted to monitor the temperature of my pi while I was playing games so that I can see the change caused by some new heat sinks that I just got today. I wanted to do this via SSH so that I could play on one monitor while still seeing the new temperature every 3 seconds or so on my other monitor which is connected to my desktop compy. I ended up creating a little script that I placed in the ~/bin directory (since ~/bin gets added to the systems PATH with each new login shell) called monitor-temp which works like a charm. Just thought that I’d share it with any others who might find it useful.

    A full explanation of what I did can be found here:

    Here is the script:

    echo "Press [ctrl+c] to end monitoring"
    echo ""
    while true
      vcgencmd measure_temp
      sleep 3s



    thank you. i was looking for a solution similar to this recently.



    Why not just use the watch command

    watch -n3 vcgencmd measure_temp

    where 3 is the number of seconds before the next call



    even shorter 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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