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    I am using RetroPi 3.0 on RP2 and I am trying with big fustration to configure a xbox wired controller. Always when I follow the on screen instructions, I am stuck with the left top button on my xbox controller. Either it does not detect this button at all, or it is so sensitive that in accepts it but skips the next 3 buttons. Is there no way to go back to a previous button? Or reset the config without the need of reboot? (retropi does not accept my “F” buttons of my usb mac keyboard, or the hotkeys on my xbox controller at this stage), Why do I have to configurate the controller at all? RetroPi already detected my xbox controller. So why does RetroPi not just load a standard config file for this controller with a standart mapping (that the user could change in the setting if he wants)? That would really be a big feature request for me.

    After spending now over an hour trying to get though this GUI mapping process I give up! Is there an easier way to just do it over terminal or drag an drop a file onto my microSD ?

    Thanks for help



    Do you have the same problem if you try to configure it using Emulation Station as well as the retroarch controller menu item in the retropie script?

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->



    Install the xbox userspace driver from retropie-setup supplementary menu and the shoulder buttons will work correctly – you will need to reconfigure via emulationstation after a reboot.



    Thanks buzz, your method was helpful.
    However, I still wonder why the manual configuration in emulationstation is nessesary?!
    I did a backup copy of the configuration files (if anyone has the same trouble that I had, just contact me and I will send them to you).




    The manual configuration is needed as it uses the config to configure retroarch. we don’t hardcode any controls for specific controllers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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