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    Hello everyone, I’m looking for help as to configuring my pi with crt pal TV.

    I’ve looked everywhere and tried pretty much everything but I must be missing something…

    My retropie is working real fine when used on my LCD TV, when I plug it to a CRT PAL TV, the results in attached pictures happen !

    Everything is shaky, blury, I can barely see what’s happening… any idea where I should look ? I’ve set sdtv_mode to “2” cause it’s pal but it’s not helping.

    Thanks !

    EDIT: Oh and I’m using Raspberry Model B+, if that’s important !



    Normally the raspberry detects you are using RCA because no HDMI cable is plugged in.

    I use PAL CRT as well and the only issue I had in that regard is that sometimes you need to switch on the TV first in AV channel and let it wait until it is completely initialized. Then, and only then, switch on your Retropie. What I had is a blinking screen when this happened.

    That did the trick for me. Also make sure HDMI force mode is not enabled in your config.txt file.

    Hope this helps



    Yes, did this already but it’s not helping I’m afraid…

    I’m gonna check the hdmi force mode but as I said, the pi is outputting the image (I’ve got the RetroPie splash and sometimes can see the roms list). I’ll try and change the different sdtv modes to see…

    If someone’s got an idea ?

    Thanks Arnaud !



    Since you are on B+ you must be using a 3.5mm to RCA adapter to get the composite video signal. My guess is that your adapter isn’t working very well with the Raspberry Pi.



    I am and it’s a brand new one, supposed to work fine.

    The only thing that could be jamming the video signal is the “peritel” adapter I need to use (there are no RCA on the TV) :



    Oh and peritel is actually SCART in english



    My retropie is working real fine when used on my LCD TV, when I plug it to a CRT PAL TV, the results in attached pictures happen !

    you need to swap the composite video signal (yellow) with an audio signal (white or red, it depends) because the Pi composite output pinout is not standard.



    Same here NOT WORKING on raspberry2 ! 🙁

    Changed yellow with red, now there is video instead of black screen, but you cannot read anything …

    Is this bug known ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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