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    I have the tape images in the c64 folder. these all load perfectly. my issue is when the games finally load i cannot figure out how to start the game. i went into the emulator’s menu and set up the the controller on joystick port 1. the game wont do anything but sit at the title screen no matter what buttons i press. i read somewhere that the C64 computer used the joystick port 2 instead, so i swapped ports, still nothing. i used to own a C64 computer, and i remember that after we loaded our games (ours were on floppy disks dont know if there is a difference in starting the actual game) all we had to do was press the fire button the the controller and the game started. for the life of me i cannot figure this thing out.



    I managed to play Cybernoid on joystick port 2. This is how mine looks and works well.

    First when you boot Vice from emustation press x and change resolution to 720 x 576 50hz 16/9

    In Machine Settings >> Joystick Settings >>

    Jystick device in port 1 -> None
    Joystick device in port 2 -> Joystick

    also in Speed Settings select 1/1

    Don’t forget to save settings in settings management.

    btw save states also work so load games and make Snapshot -> save state …cool emulator
    To load save states navigate through menu Snapshot ->

    In sounds settings I opted for Sid + Digiboost.




    You should map a joystick button to the space bar and one to the capslock key (run/start in vice). Most games require one or the other or both to start.

    Either that, or you can access those keys via the virtual keyboard in vice, or obviously with an actual keyboard.
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    I already had joystick set to port 2. So do I map it as joystick 1 or 2?

    Also how would I go about mapping the space bar or caps lock to buttons on my gamepad. Looked through all the settings menus and don’t see any option for that.

    I have my little wireless keyboard, but when I press caps lock on it it exits the game and goes back to the c64 blue screen.



    It would depend on your controller, if it’s possible I suppose. Using an xbox 360 controller, you can set up button mappings when xboxdrv is initialized.
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    Finally got it working. Switched out all my tape images for diskette images. Works like a charm now.



    Is it possible to map the swap joystick function to a controller button?
    That would make things so much easier.

    I’d love to have the following mapped.

    C64 Keys


    Emulator Functions

    (Swap Joystick)
    (Warp Mode)


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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