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    I feel like this may simplify or at least make more sense of the controller configuration process with Retroarch emulators.

    There is a LOT of controller config files bundled with RetroPie, some with similar, but oddly spaced names. It makes finding the config file your controller uses rather difficult.

    Most instructions tell the user to run the “Configure input devices for RetroArch” script, which is great, since it builds a custom cfg file on-the-fly, and drops it in the /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/config directory. But it seems almost redundant and borderline more difficult to locate the config file your controller decides to use in the future. I’ve even have the issue where the script-built controller config doesn’t get priority over one of the pre-populated config files! That was a PITA.

    I feel like the instructions should be more consistent. I like the script idea, since it won’t involve requiring users to manually edit config files to adjust controller mappings. What I have done myself, was moved all my unused controller cfg files into a subfolder called “unused”. but it could be named anything of course.

    Maybe the instructions could declare two different setup options. One that involves locating your controller device ID (lsusb or hcitool name) and manually copy a config file that looks for the same ID, and another set that allows you to create one on-the-fly using the script.



    I know they’re working on a new configuration tool called Input Station that is supposed to make controller configuration much easier. Not sure of what the interface and such will look like, but I’ll be excited to test how well it works once its released.



    Me too. I mean, in the week or two I’ve been playing with RetroPie, I’ve got it figured out, but I wouldn’t want to have to learn all over again. So many puzzle pieces that aren’t apparent. If I wasn’t a linux sysadmin already, I’d be extremely frustrated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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