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    I’ve been noticing that all emulators are running at an unnecessary 720p(I primarily play on a 1080p hdtv). Because of this, select games, i.e. UMK3, Kirby Super Star, Star Fox, et cetera, et cetera, put the Pi under heavy stress and cause the entire game to lag, the first sign usually being that choppy, grainy audio that you will get.

    I’ve tried changing to VGA mode, lowering resolution output, editing to output in VGA mode if in HDMI mode, even overclocking(not too high though, even with aluminum heat sinks; I would like for my Pi to last). All of which come to no fix for my issue.

    Is there a way to hard set each emulator to run in 480i, at the max 480p?



    each emulator has its own setting in /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg file, try edditing this and replace ( 4) with ( 1) on each of the emulator settings, this should force 640×480 at 60Hz.



    Hi, did it work? I think every emulator should come with that resolution. They dont need more than that.

    I lost too much time trying to make work RCA On FHD TVs without results xd. For the same reason that docsnivy trying to avoid the stress on the py. And keep compatibility with the grandma tv xd



    It worked for the most part, but very intesive games, i.e. Kirby Super Star, Star Fox, still show heavy lag.



    The Pi can struggle with SNES emulation, particularly Super FX games, the emulator ports are based on older SNES emulators for performance reasons but the trade off is compatibility

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