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    Good Morning! I’m trying to move my ROM folder locations to a USB pen drive. I can mount the USB pen drive and have it seen by RetroPie, I can change where the SMB Shares point too, but how do I modify where the ROM folders are? Currently they are all in ~/RetroPie/roms/SYSTEMNAME but I’d like to move them to something like /mnt/usbdrive/roms/SYSTEMNAME

    Is this even possible?




    Question: would I just need to change the following section of the “”:

    # configure AdvanceMenu
    function configure_advancemenu()
        printMsg "Configuring AdvanceMenu"
        mkdir -p "/home/$user/.advance/"
        cp "./supplementary/advmenu.rc" "/home/$user/.advance/"
        cat >> "/home/$user/.advance/advmenu.rc" << _EOF_
    emulator "Atari 2600" generic "/usr/local/bin/retroarch" "-L <code>find $rootdir/emulatorcores/stella-libretro/ -name &quot;*libretro*.so&quot;</code> --config $rootdir/configs/all/retroarch.cfg --appendconfig $rootdir/configs/atari2600/retroarch.cfg %p"
    emulator_roms "Atari 2600" "$rootdir/roms/atari2600"

    emulator "Atari 2600" generic "/usr/local/bin/retroarch" "-Lfind $rootdir/emulatorcores/stella-libretro/ -name “*libretro*.so”` –config $rootdir/configs/all/retroarch.cfg –appendconfig $rootdir/configs/atari2600/retroarch.cfg %p”
    emulator_roms “Atari 2600” “/mnt/usbdrive/roms/atari2600″`



    You need to edit the file /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg.



    Thank you!



    hey there.
    first, thx for your work, helped me so much 🙂
    i need the path for the rom folder on usb, but my linux knowledge is very low. cann you give me an example how you would edit the es_system.cfg? i’m afraid to fxxx my system^^
    thx and happy new year



    I guess the quickest way would be to remove the roms folder, and create a symlink to your usb drive. no need to change any configs then.

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