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    Hello everyone,

    my problem is, that i want to change the hotkey button from “Select” to the “PS”-button for all emulators. I’ve read many post on this and other forums, but i can’t finde the way to change it.
    I use RPi 2 wit RetroPie 3.0 BETA2
    I hope anybody can help me.

    (Sorry for me bad english, its not my main language)



    @admi&mods: pleas close or delet the threat, i figured out by myself.



    Likelihood is you’re not the only one that had that question- rather than deleting the thread it would be more helpful if you outlined the solution to your problem so that others can benefit from your experience.



    As you wish herbfargus, here is the solution.

    1. go to console (f4 to quit emulationstation), or use a program of your chois on your pc (in my case i used PuTTY)
    2. log in with your user and password
    3. enter cd /opt/retropie/configs/all/
    4. open with sudo nano retroarch.cfg the retroarch.cfg file
    5. go to the end of the file and insert input_enable_hotkey_btn = "16" for the ps-button or another number (contoller) or letter (keyboard) for the button you of your wish.
    6. Then press “ctrl-x” to exit the file, “y” (without quotes) to safe and press “Enter” to safe it as retroarch.cfg

    And thats it.

    BTW: herbfargus, i said CLOSE or Delet it 😉



    Your contributions are much appreciated 🙂 for some reason the controller configuration section of the forum doesn’t have the resolved feature like the other sections. I guess petrockblog figured controller configurations didn’t have the same format as the others. My powers as a moderator aren’t nearly as great as they would seem, otherwise I’d have marked it resolved if I could have 😛

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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