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    Hey all! I am still fairly new to the RPi project but have been loving how the Beta for 3.0 has been working on my Pi2. I remember reading in the forum some time ago how people are figuring out how to have a “Favorites” tab in the ES menu. I was curious to see if it is at all possible to do something like have a tab for different franchises? For example. I could have a tab that has all my Sonic games, a tab for all my Resident Evil games, and a tab for all my Mario related games. Could this be possible?



    You can create different themes but I’m not sure if its possible to have different consoles- you’d have to mess with the runcommand coding (the whole idea behind the x and m menu) floob has a video outlining how themes work and perhaps you could adapt it to your needs:



    You can do whatever you want and you can have different consoles or arcade emulators in the same theme, but you need to script a lot and modify a few files here and there.
    I have my own themes, but I launch my games through a script that I created, which reads a text file (1 text file by theme) where I put all the settings I want per game (emulator, button layout, shader, index ratio, etc…), then my script modifies all the config files needed, then it executes
    Here is an example of what my text files look like:

    ——————————————————————— fbaLr 0 1 2 0 250341 ***BY** mameLr 21 0 2 0 250341 ***B***

    If I don’t put any settings for one game, I have a line at the top of my text files that gives the default settings it has to use.
    Basically, in one theme, I can use any emulator I want (fba-libretro, pifba, mame-libretro, mame4all, advmame 0.94, advmame 0.12…or any console emulators).
    I’m still working on it, the acrade section works like a charm, the console part should theoretically work already, but I didn’t really test it yet, so I’m expecting to have a few exceptions to create in my script, probably nothing big.
    I’m also working on a random game launcher, which already works at 80%, I just need to fix one little thing, I can launch a random game for all the library or for one specific theme (like neogeo for example).

    Everything is possible 😉



    So basically what you guys are telling me is that to get this i would be waaaayyyy out of my league lol. I don’t know anything about scripting. Im still really new to raspberry pi and the retropie project.



    Well, let’s say you want to create a Mega-man theme, if you just want to create the theme with one type of emulators (snes ones for example), then you just have to edit a few files and you’re good, however if you want to be able to emulate all the different platforms to get all the different versions of Mega-man in one place, then it’s way more complicated.



    I fear my idea is far more complicated.

    I’m not thinking one theme that is only one genre oriented.

    I’m asking about one theme where instead of you seeing individual systems shown, you see the different franchises shown.

    And to make it more difficult, each franchise would have many games from many systems being playable….

    Hopefully I am making since.

    Its just a thought I had.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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