C64 VICE newest version?

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    Trying to install an alternate version of VICE emulator that supports SuperCPU.
    I found it here http://archive.raspbian.org/raspbian/pool/contrib/v/vice/ and tried to compile version 2.4.9 in RetroPie.
    The installation went well, but when I wanted to start the emulator with x64, I get a Gtk-WARNING **: can not open display
    I would like to add this emulator together with official one, but dont know how to make a script that will add him into expreimental packages.
    I’m not too good in Linux, so I asked if someone could help me with this?



    I have successfully built it for retropie-setup – the current build script works with the latest version – I have uploaded the latest source, so you can build it by doing the following from terminal inside RetroPie-Setup folder.

    sed -i "s/vice-2.4/vice-2.4.20/g" scriptmodules/emulators/vice.sh; sudo ./retropie_packages.sh vice; git checkout scriptmodules/emulators/vice.sh

    the SuperCPU enabled binary is called “xscpu64”

    you could add it to /opt/retropie/configs/c64/emulators.cfg

    As it has been a long time since the last non dev Vice release, it might be worth me updating our packages permanently to the latest – but please give it some testing and let me know.



    Thank you so much, for this, I installed and everything is working great. 🙂
    I tested several games and demanding demos and so far, everything was ok.
    The only issue is the speed of SCPU emulation, which is up to 10 times slower than the standard C64 and practically unusable.
    Is there any chance (except oc’s) to accelerate VICE with scpu, because even in warp mode, cant exceed more than 60% of speed?
    I know that Vice isnt multithreaded application, but this is really painfully slow.

    Tested on RPI2 with RetroPie 3.0 Final.



    Not much can be done about that, unless it was specifically optimised for the arm, which is a major project in itself. I had a feeling the SCPU emulation wouldn’t be usable. Even the cycle accurate c64 emulation is a bit slow on the rpi (x64sc)



    Yes, you right, this xc64sc version is more slower, than scpu one.
    Whether this is a GTK version of the emulator and is it faster than sdl (sdl2) variants?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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