BIOS, extensions, symlinks, docs?

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    I’ve got some questions about Retropie, maybe they could be split in more posts…

    – About BIOS: NeoGeo emulators need on their own folder, not in BIOS folders. Could be it symlinked/moved to BIOS folder?

    – Extensions: I’ve peeked into the configurations files of the emulators to know what extensions are allowed. I guess that those are the extensions detected by ES, but are those lists updated/synced with the new emulator versions? I’ve got some files with other extensions that worked in windows emulators since 10 years ago or so, so I don’t think that lists are complete.

    – Symlinks: Also, there are many “duplicated” systems (because some ROMs works better in one emulator or don’t work in other). How about symlinking them to use only a ROM folder, or using a common directory (i.e.: stella looks into an a2600 “common” folder and its own stella folder)? It could be useful to avoid having duplicate ROMs.

    – Docs: I’ve peeked into ES configuration files to look for BIOS (and extensions) files, and also into some docs on the web. In either cases, the information seems incomplete (some BIOS appears on the web but not in config, and vice versa). Are there any complete lists of the files allowed (extensions) / needed (BIOSes) for emulators? Also, because BIOSes tends to have different names across emulators, having a list of the hashes of valid working BIOSes could be useful.

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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