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    I first want to acknowledge the amazing work that has been put into this project.

    First Question:
    I am trying to bind the rewind button (also fast forward and slow-motion and turbo for that matter) to the something other than the key board. I enable the:

    rewind_enable = true

    and set something like so:

    input_rewind_btn = “3” #for my controller

    I also remove the comments for the rewind granularity and amount stored…, but none of this seems to work. Is this unable to be bound to the controller? I have looked elsewhere and it seems as if people get this working through the keyboard, but I have not found a response for a controller. I figure that if I can get this to work, I would be able to set all the other tags that I want with a similar logic and process.

    2nd question. I have the GBA emulator from when I downloaded the project. I put some games on but they do not follow the standard configuration file (retroarch.cfg). Usually there is a /RetroPie/configs/#emulator that you can edit, similar to the dgenrc. Can someone point me in the right direction to set the key bindings to this emulator.

    Thanks in advance. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information that would be useful. I have not found anything to pretain to these topics in searching, if I missed it and double post I apologize.




    Just to update, I found the GBA menu with right trigger and select!



    It might be that you also need to configure the hotkey button for your controller to bind the rewind function successfully to the controller. This is just a guess, though.



    Thank you for the response. Could you give an example of what the key binding would be for the rewind? Is input_rewind_btn the correct syntax? I imagine that I could be missing some tag it requires to be active. I will search through the .cfg and get back to you tonight.

    Currently I have the hotkey working for the exit to emulator, load/save state and it works great. It is these extra features that I am unable to get working. But I would be happy to try your suggestion tonight and let you know.



    Ian not at home right now.

    The hotkey functionality is also mentioned at's-a-way-to-edit-the-retroarch.cfg-to-give-me-the-ability-to-exit-an-emulator-by-using-the-controller%3F

    I would guess that for rewind the configuration would look like

    input_rewind_btn = 1 (or some other button index)



    I am finally back to this problem, have been caught up at work and unable to get at this again. I am familiar with the hotkey functionality and am currently using it for the exit, load, and save states.

    I tried your response and still not working (tried multiple indices to check if there was an issue with some combination with and without it being hotkeyed). I plugged in my keyboard and tried setting keys for that to and still nothing. Is there anyone who actually has this working on their retropie project?

    Have I missed enabling something other than the rewind_enable = true?




    To fix an unanswered old post:
    Find this line and make sure it is uncommented>

    # Hold button down to rewind. Rewinding must be enabled.
    input_rewind = r

    Next comment these lines so they look like this>

    #### Misc
    # Enable rewinding. This will take a performance hit when playing, so it is disabled by default.
    # rewind_enable = true
    # Rewinding buffer size in megabytes. Bigger rewinding buffer means you can rewind longer.
    # The buffer should be approx. 20MB per minute of buffer time.
    # rewind_buffer_size = 10
    # Rewind granularity. When rewinding defined number of frames, you can rewind several frames at a time, increasing the rewinding speed.
    # rewind_granularity = 2

    Now at the bottom of your file add this>

    rewind_enable = true
    rewind_buffer_size = 3
    rewind_granularity = 2
    input_enable_hotkey_btn = "6"
    input_rewind_btn = "3"

    Replace the input_rewind_btn = “3” with whatever button you want to map it to. In my case it’s Select+Y.
    Now could anyone help me figure out why fast forward does not work no matter what I do?
    Hope that helps someone who is googling for an answer.



    If you are looking to bind it to the controller, I think it might need to be more like this:

    input_player1_rewind_btn = “3”

    The reason I say this is inside of the custom emulator files custom buttons need the player1/player2/player3/player4 prefixes, so I’m guessing it would hold true to this as well…

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