binding keyboard keys to arcade buttons set?

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    I built arcade cabinet and hit a brick wall when configuring joystick and buttons…

    Is there a way to bind keyboard keys to buttons?

    I have DragonRise Inc Generic usb joystick controllers, mapped all needed standard buttons in retroarch, but here’s the problem:

    I’d like to use separate button for ‘insert coin’ and in retropie’s mame it’s ‘6’ by default. – so i’d like to map map extra ‘coin button’ to 6.

    I also love pinball dreams on amiga (which uses both shifts) so i’d like to map additional side buttons as ‘shift’ and ‘rshift’

    and i don’t know how to do that… 🙁
    I digged in this forum, search youtube and uncle google but i didn’t find the answer. Can You help my, my friends?



    I had the same issue. I don’t think you can really bind buttons from your joystick controller to keyboard inputs.

    I have made two different consoles, one with a USB “zero delay” encoder, and one with arcade controls wired directly to the GPIO.

    I added 3 buttons to the first one, (wired direct to the GPIO) and used GPIOneer to map them (one to ESC, one to “5”(coin), and a couple for pinball. GPIOneer has a nice web interface to change them once you have wired them. It is completely compatible with Retropie.
    On the other arcade, I used mkjoystick to map the controls and extra buttons to the GPIO:

    hope this helps. let me know if you have questions.



    ok, am i getting this right:

    You have USB cntrolle and ADDITIONALY you wired few buttons to GPIO?

    Ok, when i install gpioneer does it affect usb buttons in any way? (so, when i have my usb joystick and buttons perfectly configured and i install gpioneer it will not switch off usb buttons? – so i can use usb for joystick and buttons and ONLY two flipper buttons wired GPIO ADDITIONALLY?
    It’s not USB OR GPIO ?

    And does it matter which gpio pins i connect to side flipper buttons?

    thaks for your reply 🙂



    That’s it exactly. The Gpioneer plays together with the USB controller just fine. It does not matter which GPIO inputs you use for your buttons, just make sure it’s an INPUT. The only thing that threw me with installing GPIOneer is it needs the rpi.gpio library installed first. Use the answer in this link: if you are not python smart.

    Once installed, you just type in the URL of the pi, and it will bring up the GPIOneer configurator to program your buttons. What’s nice is you can change them at any time very simply. Your other choice is retrogame. It does basically the same thing as GPIOneer, but it is not as flexible.

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