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    My reddit SecretSanta gift was a Raspberry Pi B+, so I knew immediately there was a game console in my future.

    I’ve been poking various joystick and button websites and it looks like the X-Arcade Two Player DIY kit is the best deal.

    While I would prefer colored buttons, boy that’s an attractive price for everything all in one box with full micro-switch love all around.

    Has anyone used this kit? Any alternative ideas would be very appreciated.




    Hi !
    i search the same things !
    But i don’t if its work on Retropie :/



    Anything that emulates a USB keyboard will work.



    Yes, it will work with RetroPie. The X-Arcade’s not a bad choice, especially for the price. It looks like Happs joysticks and microswitch push buttons.

    IMO you do get what you pay for. If you’re willing to spend more, Ultimarc makes great products. The iPac is their keyboard encoder and they have controls that are a step up from the low end Happs controls. In the build-your-own-arcade-cabinet circles, I would say they are one of the go-to suppliers.

    It just depends on what you’re looking for. Some people love microswitch pushbuttons, some people swear by leaf switch pushbuttons. Serious fighter guys go for true Japanese Sanwa sticks, others like the sticks that can be converted between 4 and 8 way. I think what drives most people is what they are used to. If you are a Donkey Kong nut and you try to play it using a Sanwa 8 way stick, it’s not going to feel right.

    If none of that sounds like it matters to you, then I think you’re on the right track with the X-Arcade package.



    HI thanks 😀 !

    i just want to play with mame, neo geo etc… most console possible ofc 🙂
    But I had a doubt about what choices to make for my controller for 2 players 🙂



    I’ve been doing some research (learned a LOT since I posted this) and I’ll either go with the IL 4/8 switchable joysticks from Paradise Arcade or the Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus because I can’t imagine trying to play PacMan without that feel.

    Thanks for the reply!



    Life is full of so many compromises 🙂

    80s Namco never had to worry about this stuff – 4 way stick in a PacMan cabinet, 2 start buttons and they were all set.

    But we want to play DK with the same control panel as MvsC, Carnevil, Tempest and Missile Command. And there’s no good solution for that. /Sigh



    I have also been thinking about getting the X-Arcade 2 player controller just for it’s ease of use with Emulation Station. It has all of the mapping built in. I do have a question though…

    How does the X-arcade handle the console controls? (NES, SNES, SEGA)

    Since it’s basically an emulated keyboard, I wouldn’t see any problems handling it but I figured I would ask and see if anyone has had any experience with it.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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