B+ unit with V1.10

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    ok Ive pulled enough hair out. Ive got my B unit perfect, everythign works right xb360 wireless flawless etc…. Ive been trying to get that image to run on a new B+ unit and just have problems problems problems…. anyway I tryed a fresh ground up 2.3 install and still ran into TONS of problems. I got as far as the unit and the xbox360 wireless working sorta, but the PI kills the sd card intermittently.

    anyway… I wanted to know befor investing time again, can I use the V 1.10 on a B+ from a ground up install?

    I want to use the B+s as the Bs are being phased out by distributers, but I all ready have the B version spining perfectly, Ive just had sooo many problems with the V2.3 it hangs alot and eventough its sweet looking and such its just a mess for me…

    anyway, anyone know if I can ground up build the v1.10 on the B+?



    OK update:

    I redid from ZERO. rebooted after EVERY step. Ive got it working with 2 xbox wireless, the leds connect right etc. Ive got most of the controls working with the games. got MAME working with escape coins start etc.

    My problem is now. Ive lost the NEOGEO catagory from ver1.1 to 2.3 I tryed putting them into the FBA, but they dont see them I forgot where I edited the FBA to identfy the neogeo roms…

    also GameGear on escape goes to black and hangs needing unplug.
    GBA is not reading my roms like 1.1 did…

    so I need to find where the emulators are identifying the type of roms… I just forgot where that is….






    Id like to deeply apologize for my rants. frustration will lead you to do strang things… but still B+ is a bear and 2.3 does NOT seem as stable as 1.1

    PLEASE FIX THE HANG after exiting games.. the system hangs for about 30+ sec brfor returning to ES…

    RESOLVED the neogeo problem still have a hang on Game Gear..

    also cant get the scrapper to work kicks me out states hml error or something…

    getting there…. hate the B+ unit

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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