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    i am sorry because i suppose this has been already asked/solved but i could not find the answer anywhere.

    I would like to know if theres a way not to list all cloned names roms. I mean for example in fba marvel vs streett fights shows 11 times the same name in the list which is not practical for scrolling and not really appreciable visually.

    i have this problem for fba roms and psx roms, i vaguely heard about a game-list option but i could not handle where/how to put/configure it.

    Thanks by advance for your appreciated help.

    ps : i run a rpi2



    I am trying to figure this out also for fba-liberto



    I thought it was clear enough when you have 10 instances of Street Fighter 3 and when you have to launch all of them one by one to know which is which…

    How does that help you hide the child Roms like you can in almost all Mame FBA emulators



    Emulationstation 1 had the switch -gamelist-only. Doesn’t seem to work in EmuStation 2. Looked after it myself but no solution so far for me. But I cleared out all the clones anyway while sorting the roms. I think I have only SFIII and one other game that need to have a second rom to run. I can live with that.



    This isn’t a great solution, but you can make a single-zip version of whatever rom you want by copying the files from the clone into the parent. I haven’t tried this for MAME, but it works for FBA. It’s a pain if you have a lot of roms, but it wasn’t too bad for a CPS fighters set.

    For example, if you want EmulationStation to show the US version of SFIII, but the parent is the JP version, copy the files from the US zip into the JP zip, overwriting duplicates. The result SHOULD show up only once in EmulationStation and run the US version.

    Make backups, of course! Most other things (romset updaters, scrapers, etc.) may not know what to do with the resulting rom, so it’s good to keep the original set.

    Hopefully we’ll have an option in EmulationStation someday.



    For the games that need a second rom to run, I have a solution (I tested it only with 1 rom though, but it worked).
    Let’s say you want the USA version, but the Japanese rom is needed, you just have to extract the content of the Japanese rom and put it into the USA zip.

    Oh… amadhiX you were faster than me 😉



    Yes but I downloaded Final Burn Alpha 029734 Complete Arcade Rom Set
    And there are like 6000 Roms every ROM I have tried in fba-liberto has worked I just need to find a way to get rid of some duplicates or hide them one by one is going to take months.

    I have seen tryed tools that are supposed to do this but they require a .db file that I can’t seem to find for this romset



    thats exactly what i did, and i also had to test a lot of roms because only about 20% are supported, and it’s a bit annoying when you have 8 or 10 times the same name for a game



    My recommendation would be to make a subset of roms you actually want and can play on the Pi. With a clean subset of roms, your ES lists will be clean. Plus, it’s just overwhelming to scroll through 6000 games that you will never play.

    Even if you get rid of the clones, they’ll still be roms in the full set that are just silly to have on the Pi. For example, light gun games and trackball games. Unless you have those controllers of course.

    This isn’t an easy task, it took me a long time to come up with my sets for each system. There are some tools that can help get you started:




    I used this tools for MAME and FBA in the first place. Even to get rid of unwanted games like mahjongs, slot machines and so on. You don’t have to do this by hand. Romlister is the way to go. To get the database for FBA … visit Barry Harris site, download the Windows FBA version from previous releases (029730), fire it up and extract the database from somewhere in the menu.

    Anyone tried to do this copy solution on SFIII? I thought I tried but it didn’t work. Maybe I have to give it another shot.

    Whoops, Roo was faster …!



    Romlister is a bit confusing so after I load XML and create a list of Roms how do I remove or move ones I don’t want?



    guy’s do you no of any thing like ROMLister for mac?

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