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    Hi all!

    Quick question, slowly putting together a setup for a cabinet but I am currently running into the following problem:

    I would like to use a pre-made USB 2 player stick (X-Arcade comes to mind) to work with because it seems it has built in support in Retropie and it would allow me to use the setup without a cabinet too.

    Problems I am running into: the X-Arcade resellers in The Netherlands seem to not exist anymore and even contacting the X-Arcade crew themselves just lead to me getting a (rather unfriendly) email back suggesting I try eBay.

    EDIT: The reason I was looking for a Dutch reseller is because the shipping costs are almost as much as the stick itself.

    I would like a 2 player stick if possible, would make life a lot easier but perhaps somebody here can suggest a different brand?

    I would also like it to be 2×4 rows so that that can be used well with NeoGeo and other arcade emulation.

    I am rather fearing making my own setup (I am just not very handy) so a pre-made solution is what seems most attractive.

    Perhaps 2xUSB stick is the solution?

    I hope the question is clear. Any advice is very welcome on the matter!

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