Another "How To Serve ROMS from External Hard Drive?" issue.

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    Hi All

    RetroPie ver 1.9.1

    Can somebody please help me get external storage mounted to store my ROMS on and show me how to point to those files because I just can’t seem to figure it out.

    I have looked through all 643 threads in this section of the forum but there seems to be no DEFINITE AND COMPLETE step by step guide for Linux noobs on how to do this.

    I found these:

    Multiple folder location for roms

    USB HDD Issue

    Roms showing up double in directories – using usb storage

    I also found these:

    mount a USB flash drive on raspberry pi

    How to Add USB Storage to the Raspberry Pi

    I am unable to understand any of these guides. When I have tried some of the steps I can create a mount and see it if I open sudo nano fstab from /etc but when I go to startx I can see the drive but can’t put anything on it – regardless of the steps I have tried even without any of them the drive can still be seen but cannot be written to.

    I am inserting the USB thumb drive into one of the USB ports on the powered hub and if I ls /media I can see all the USB slots.

    Basically I don’t have a clue what I am doing with drive mounting in Linux and would really appreciate if anyone has a step by step guide or can point me in the direction of a guide which is complete.

    Linux for complete dummies guide = please PLEASE help – cheers.



    I do something similar, but run the entire os from the USB, would that be something you would be interest in as I can post you the steps?

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    Thanks for the reply karloss

    Yes – It certainly would be something I’m interested in my friend.

    I have a backup image of where I am up to at the moment which I have tested as working so I am more than willing to experiment with other ways to go about what it is I am trying to achieve.

    If you can post the details that would be MORE than AWESOME! 🙂

    Thanks again in advance



    I did this:

    but, gave up in the end, as it kept crashing, so I bought a 128gb flash drive, and did the same tutorial, for me that was much easier!

    this is what Karloss possibly did

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    Thanks for that – will take a look at it and also wait to see what Karloss may have to let me know.

    Appreciate the reply



    Just made a sticky for my method for you mate



    Much appreciated Karloss – can you please post a link or let me know how to navigate to sticky threads on this forum please.

    I know I know – I’m such a noob 🙂 Cheers

    Edit: No worries – I’m there!

    TY so much Karloss – this will be first on my list of things to look at in the morning mate



    Thanks very much for that link @insecurespike – looks like a really reaaaaally comprehensive guide which everyone posting back seemed very happy with.

    I only quickly skipped over it for now but will be sure to be looking into that further as pronto as possible.

    How awesome is this RetroPie project and the Raspberry Pi – I think I just made a new splashscreen in my ….. nah it’s cool!



    That’s cool mate, I love it as well..

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