After installing PS3 controller, 8Bitdo controller only works in terminal

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    I followed this tutorial on how to pair my new 8Bitdo SNES30. It works great and pairs when I hold START+R during boot up. I also have a PS3 controller I would like to use for player 2. I followed this tutorial to set it up and it worked fine — until I realized that my SNES30 wasn’t working anymore.

    Both controllers connect to Bluetooth upon boot up and the PS3 controller has its second light lit so that means that it is connected after the SNES30. But the SNES30 doesn’t register in Emulation Station or in game in Retroarch. It is, however, registering in the terminal. I know this because of two things:

    1: The “The key you just pressed is not recognized by SDL” error shows up whenever I press buttons in Emulation Station. I got these messages before installing the PS3 controller and others have to, so I assume it’s normal. It shows it is connected though.

    2. I have done a jstest in the terminal. The SNES30 works and shows up as js0, and the PS3 controller also works and shows up as js1.

    So… if the terminal recognizes the SNES30 then why isn’t it working in Emulation Station or Retroarch? I did not change any of the config files. I removed the PS3 controller using the setup and my 8BitDo starting working again. Something happens when PS3 drivers are installed — what is it and how do I fix this?

    I am using a Raspberry Pi 2 model B.

    Any help would be appreciated. I’d hate to have to buy another controller when my PS3 one should work just fine.



    It’s not possible at the moment because ps3 driver disables and replaces the bluetooth daemon. The new jessie bluez version has builtin sixaxis support. But there is no setup guide at the moment.



    Thanks for the response. I just ordered one of those $10 Buffalo controllers so I should be able to get a second player working.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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