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    I wanted to get some information on button layouts for Sega Genesis/Megadrive games. I grew up with Nintendo systems so when I got a USB controller I went for a SNES style gamepad. It makes sense for other Nintendo systems as well since it has A and B buttons. Of course I do typically go a different direction and map B to the controller’s Y button and A to the B button. SNES was my first system so this setup just feels more natural.

    I’d like to try to play some Genesis/Megadrive games but I’m in the dark about what buttons are typically used for what actions. In SNES games the format is very similar for most games, at least platformers, B is jump/select from menu, Y is run/back in menu, etc.

    I’m basically looking for two pieces if info:

    1. Which buttons are typically used to perform which actions in Genesis/Megadrive games?
    2. If I do use my SNES controller for Genesis/Megadrive games what would you recommend when it comes to button layout?




    I’d say try starting a game and check which layout fits best for you. If you try games like gunstar heroes, or contra you will have 3 different actions for the buttons. And those games use more or less “standard” controller layouts (i.e. shoot is the same button as in most other games). Other games like comix zone or castlevania have different button actions but can be reconfigured in the options.



    Thanks for the advice. I think I’ve got a layout that will work for now. I can always tweak it a bit more once I start trying out some Genesis games.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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