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    Hi all,
    Been reading through the forums for a few days, and just signed up to ask a little advice on my first real project.
    I bought my first Dremel earlier in the week so I can finally put all my evil hardware modding plans into action! First up is building a Pi into a SNES case to use as a multi-emulator using RetroPie, and had some quick questions for anyone in the know…

    1. Ive ordered the GPIO adapter so I can use the original controller board from the console, but will this also enable the original power LED on the SNES to work as its on the same PCB, or so I need to come up with other ideas for that? If the latter, what would you suggest given that the adapter will be using all the GPIO pins?

    2. My plan is to mount the internals of an Xbox 360 wireless controller adapter (the kind you get for using a 360 pad on PC/Mac) into the case, so that the SNES reset button will press down onto the controller adapter’s button for pairing pads. I know drivers are available, but will the pi have any problems running the adapter power-wise from its USBs?

    3. Last one. I’m only going to be emulating 8bit/16bit, possibly some pre-8bit stuff, so nothing too taxing. I have heatsinks on the pi’s CPU and GPU, would a fan be needed also or will the pi be fine being passively cooled?

    If anyone’s interested I can upload some photos of where I’m at so far, and I hope to get at least the hardware side of it wrapped up by the weekend. Ive even mounted a USB stick into an old cart and am using it in conjunction with the original cart connector and eject bar, and a USB extender to make things a bit more authentic



    I think it will be fine with the heatsinks, especially if you’re only running 16bit and lower stuff. I’ve been running them on my pi2 with little to no issues inside my SnesPi.

    Yes the LED will light up on the original board if you configure it how it’s recommended.

    As for the Xbox controller adapter, I cannot offer you any advice I’m afraid.

    Post up some pictures though dude, I’m very interested. I can’t actually get my gpio adapter to work at the mo so you may be able to help me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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