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    If by chance this has been answered somewhere, I apologize, and i have not found an answer still…

    Say I want to add Atari 5200, 7800, and the Lynx to my emulation station, how do i?!

    Am I adding it to cores? Downloading the emulators, and placing them into the cores? I’m not seeing a definite answer…

    Again, if this is first grade stuff, I’m sorry. I’m super new to this… I’ve already given up on the PS3 BT controller… so I’m 0-2 right now. lol



    If you don’t want to add them to the retropie install scripts, you can put them anywhere. All you have to do is add them to the es_systems.cfg. It doesn’t matter where the emulator is placed.




    has anyone a howto to add an atari 7800 and lynx emulator to the emulationstation 1.x?
    And wich emulators are the best for atari 7800 and for the lynx?

    There were great games on these consoles… Ball blazer (7800) and Chips challenge (Lynx) are only two of these…

    Thanx a lot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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