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    Hello, I need a “how to” to know how I can connect two PS3 controllers at the same time via Bluetooth.
    I’ve only managed to connect two controllers via USB, or a single command via Bluetooth.

    Thank you! and sorry for my English




    Well the previous reply does not answer the question.
    In the Video there is just one PS3 controllers set up and there is no mention of a Single Bluetooth dongle.
    But searching around found that you can connect two controllers via single dongle.
    Here are some specific links, that could help:

    Might be possible if you would set up as the final show, connecting the second would not be so frustrating…



    I should think you can you pair the second controller in the same way as the first controller. I don’t have two controllers so I cannot check/test.



    Yup. Just pair the second, third, and fourth the same way. Tested. It works.



    I have the same issue. So do you pair the 2 seperately? One at a time? Configure both via retroarch as well? Please elaborate cause not working for me either. Only one works.



    Rpi 2
    3.0 image

    I had both working until I followed instructions to fix the problems with pifba not recognizing the ps3 controllers. I reformatted and copied a backup from when they were working. Now only one will pair and sometimes neither will pair. I’m thankful for the hard work of everyone involved, but I must say this ps3 bluetooth controller crap is a [removed] mess.



    if you want anyone to help you (especially those involved who put in their free time), it will help not to use language like, whether or not you start the sentence with “i’m thankful but”



    I understand. Won’t happen again.



    SOLVED! For my setup anyway. I had posted same question and went nuts trying to figure this out. Floobs video is good for 1 controller but leaves out how to do 2.

    So here is how it worked for me.

    1.Sync the first one just like Floobs Video
    2.Configure controller with retroarch
    3..Above the exit 0 in the /etc/rc.local add: “hciconfig hci0 piscan” with no quotes

    Now. Turn off pi.

    Turn on. As soon as bluetooth dongle lights up hit sync buttons on both playstation controllers. It will take a while to sync. All the way to emulationstation.

    This worked for me. But it does not work when I have wifi dongle in at same time so I take mine out. Good enough for me!

    I’m using the “pluggable” brand bluetooth dongle

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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