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    I’ve been trying to setup 2 DragonRise joypads with no luck – they are 2 identical controllers but due to the way I laid out the buttons/joystick, each button is different between the two (i.e. “Select” on one controller might be “start” on the other). The layout of these buttons cannot be changed physically to match.

    The problem is, when I configure the controls in the Emulation Station gui, the second gamepad defaults to the inputs defined for the first gamepad after restarting RetroPie or entering an emulator. I’ve messed with retroarch.cfg and also the .cfg in DragonRise_Inc.cfg but most of what I’m doing is guesswork based on what I’ve seen other people do.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can make the 2 identical gamepads have unique inputs between the two?


    Additional Info:
    RetroPie 3.0

    The raspberry pi I have is a custom version given to me by a course and thus is kind of a crossover of the A+ and B (unfortunately, that’s all I know bout it =\)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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