2.5.0 and Buzz Pi2 image: differences; general setup stuff, too

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    I was just curious as to the differences between buzz’s image and the new beta; what optimizations were made that set it apart? Certain emulators seem initially more zippy, but what else is happening?

    Also, what can I do to improve its performance outside of the standard overclocking and such? All I have done on my card so far is the standard raspi-config stuff, updated binaries/setup script, registered my controller, and put a few N64 roms on there to test. Can I benefit more from certain upgrades and configurations, or will I break buzz’s optimizations?

    I should also mention that I have never run the installations in the setup script, as I was under the impression that it wasn’t needed when using the petrockblog images, but am I missing out on anything there? 2.3 and 2.5.0 seemed to run fine without it, as does this image.

    Also thanks to everyone here that puts up with us rookies on this stuff. It’s kind of inspired me to start studying computer sciences, so I can be on the giving end of this, rather than pestering people for help. I wouldn’t even have my Pi running if it wasn’t for this forum.



    One thing I can speak on is there are two N64 folders now. One of them uses the retroarch overlay and one is straight mupen64plus. The one without retroarch runs certain games that use rice video amazingly. Others not so much. I divvied up the roms that each emulator run better depending on which gfx plugin they might need. As soon as I get it figured out how to run each game with its own gfx plugin and no retroarch I’ll be golden. Only problem is with no retroarch it’s a pain to stop emulation via the controller because the code doesn’t want to work for me in the input config file.



    Actually, there are two rom folders for N64 in the 2.5.0 and buzz images. The only difference I have noticed regarding those between images is that the 2.5.0 retroarch emulator loaded Ocarina (terribly slow/choppy and graphically flawed), but the buzz image would throw out some illegible script (due to screen resolution), then return to rom selection.

    I feel ya on the individual plugin thing, though; it would be nice if the characters in SSB weren’t missing most of their facial features. Kirby was unaltered, strangely enough.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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