10 inch crt Television help. Fuzzy as hell. Can't read a thing on the screen

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    I’ve bought an old 10 inch crt TV to build a mini(ish) arcade bartop….Im using the jack video output thingy on the rasberry pi 2. I get a picture and sound on the TV…The picture though is really too fuzzy to be able to read any text….Also Ive messed with a lot of the settings from http://elinux.org/RPiconfig and although i can overscan to move picture left/right etc….It doesn’t affect Emulationstation which resolution just stays the same. The whole look is poor and just won’t do, but i can’t fix it.

    So i guess…..Should I expect the picture to be sOooOOOooo fuzzy i can’t read the writing.?

    If not…..Can you help me? (without just linking to some random website…I’ve looked a lot before asking here)…I just need pointing in the right direction so i can get an old school look.



    If the composite picture is no good and you are sure your cabling quality is ok, then it might just be the screen you have bought. The picture from my pi to old crt via composite is usable.

    Have you tried the composite output with any device, or tried the new screen with another device ?

    Your question is lacking detail though – you mention nothing regarding cabling, which exact options you have tried etc – so it might be an idea to be more verbose so people can advise and point you in the right direction (and if that direction is a website with a solution, then so be it)



    Thanks for responding pretty sharpish.

    Ok…well i can’t test it right now as for the life of me i can’t find anything to test it on other than this sketchy old crt. It’s a fair point about the lead quality though. I bought the cheapest one i could find on eBay just to see what happened as i’ve never used this output on the Pi before. I will get down the shops tomorrow and start buying out old scart rubbish so i can test out this old crt TV.

    I will be back once i get hold of some more equipment. I feel my 1st post was just the upset of it not being as simple as i first hoped when the TV arrived in the post this morning.



    It does sound like its a hardware issue- I typically try and stick with hdmi if at all possible since even if i do get the 3.5 mm jack to work usually the audio is very subpar (which is pretty common for all raspberry pi’s)



    Thanks for trying to help….I will officially report that I’ve given up on the old TV route and gone back to my nice little 7 inch hdmi screen. (for which I have a million more questions coming)….I kind of lost my nerve with it all….The idea of taking a smelly old camping tele to bits was a little worrying considering my gaffa tape and botching history. This decision may just save my life as i’ve had a few nasty electric shocks through the years from messing inside guitar amps. Any ways….Cheers Mr Herbfargus…Are you the guy doing the Odessey 2 emulator? I’m just fiddling around with that now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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