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if you exit ES with f4 I think it doesn’t save any gameslists. I might look at changing the exit so you have exit + save and exit without saving options or so

I think this is correct.
While we are used to think that the gamelist.xml files are the endpoint, for ES they are of course only the stored values of an internal construct (in working memory) that contains all metadata of a given system. So when a certain system is exited (you go back to the system overview), it will store the current version of that internal struct in our newly scraped xml file. It does this to update the values for “# times played” etc.
The build-in scraper alters the internal info, which is then written to file as regular.

I would be willing to try and see what needs to happen in order to tie sselph’s scraper into ES nicely.
Not sure if actually making it part of ES would be the way to go, though. That would make further development for the scraper more involved, and we would lose flexibility. Maybe it’s better to let the scraper write to a second set of xml files, which are then somehow imported into ES?

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