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Hi, I like your design but it was lacking some features I wanted, I’m in the process of modifying your design in SkethUp and just thought I’d show you where I was at.

I took the SketchUp files from:

Portable Retro Gaming Unit

I liked that he had already added the rear buttons so ran with that design, what I’ve changed so far:
Moved the controls further up to make room for 20mm speakers.
Added recessed holes for 20mm speakers, not 100% sold on the grill design but it looks decent and the holes will be easy to clean up with the right size drill bit post print.
Added holes for 3mm LED’s power and charge with icons either side of the LED’s.

To Do:
Attempt to squeeze in a larger 5″ HDMI display, waiting on display to arrive to start taking measurements but I think there will be enough space.
Add provision for a volume control pot.

Recessed speaker holes:

Power/Charge LED holes:

Overview of current design:

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