Reply To: Wi-fi on Pi3



Well, it’s back to not connecting again. I’m not sure what the deal is but perhaps the Wi-Fi is just spotty on the pi3 with Retropie and I’ll have to wait for more updates. Bummer, but I’ll just have to tether for now.

P.S. I’m on channel 6…

I don’t know how the experiences from other users are, but I find the Pi is underpowered, no matter what power adapter I use. When I use a WiFi dongle it disconnects all the time. The connectiosn via WiFi is quirky. I was hoping this was different for the Pi3 with its on-board WiFi chip.

If I were you I’d consult a Raspb. Pi forum or try the best power adapter (some adapters say they are 2.1 Ampere, but hey appear not to be) you can find, and connect almost nothing to your Pi’s USB ports.

Or do the middle ages thing…: connect an UTP cable…

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